Below you will find some projects that I work on to help me understand various topics. None of these are meant for production release but instead serve as low-pressure practice grounds for various spontaneous interests.

Collatz Explorer

A small visualization app written in R demonstrating the mathematical topic named the "Collatz Conjecture"

PiHole Dark Mode

My attempt at a custom dark mode for the Pi-Hole web interface before there was a native option.

Advent of Code

My solutions to Advent of Code problems over the years. Some solutions are in Python, others are in R.


A place to learn about Pygame with a well-documented use-case (boid simulation)

Super Similarities

A project that uses network maps to find relationships between superheroes.

R Introduction

A quick presentation that provides an introduction to the R Language.


M.S. Information Systems Management
Data Analytics Graduate Certificate


Machine Learning Engineer
{2021 - Present}
Business Intelligence Analyst
{2018 - 2021}