Until recently, the majority of my personal “content creation” consisted of taking photos (that I would never share), building example projects (that were never fully finished), or learning about technologies (which I have no current use for). However, recently I’ve noticed myself routinely

  • performing installation processes for various devevelopment environmtnes that are either complicated or require significant customization to be usable for me (pihole, Python, R, Windows Subsystem for Linux etc.)
  • troubleshooting asoteric errors, for which it takes me days to find a resolution
  • discovering unique solutions to problems that I wish to remember for future projects

Additionally, I’ve always had a small piece of me that wanted to start a blog. I’ve never wanted anything on a daily, or even weekly cadence - just something that provides good content, allows me to practice my technical writing, and may help or entertain someone. It is because of the converging of these two scenarios that I believe now is a good time to start this blog.

So, welcome! I hope that you find some of my writings helpful. Should you have any questions while you’re reading or would like to continue the discussion elsewhere, feel free to reach out to me on Github or Mastodon!